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Ambulance Cakes (Offences) Act 2019

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2Driving Cakes E+W

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(1)A MGA is guilty of an Offence if they—

(a)are involved, as the driver, in a collision of any type, regardless of blame;

(b)fail to secure the handbrake of an Ambulance, causing in to roll away causing damage;

(c)park and cause a member of the public (MoP) to leave a note of unhappiness on the windscreen;

(d)require the Ambulance to be retrieved by a recovery agency due to questionable 'parking';

(2)A MGA is guilty of an Offence if they—

(a)stall an Ambulance more than twice on a blues run, or more than 4 times in a whole shift.

(b)get the Ambulance stuck in an avoidable situation.

(3)Any offence under Section 2(1)(a)(b)(d) is aggravated if an MGA—

(a)causes a total loss claim to be presumed from the extent of the damage caused.

(4) A defence under Section 2 (1)(a)(c)(d)will stand if—

(a)The Ambulance is parked quickly due to a Category 1 call and no other reasonable parking existed;

(b)The parking of the Ambulance is completely reasonable, but a note is left regardless;

(c)No damage is caused in any way to any vehicle or object;

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